Anna millers pies

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Julia then married to T. Martin received his citizenship papers on 15 May in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. He was born 8 February in Frenstat, Moravia.

Anna millers pies

Frank and Filomena had four daughters: William and Maria also owned two adjoining farms consisting of a total of acres that were located approximately two miles south of Ellinger in northern Colorado County. All Children were born in Texas. Griffin by David L. Collier in and they made their new home in Sandy Point and raised eleven 11 children, one of which became Wales wife in Sussie Collier. No reason for non-payment was given in the suit. Mariana died on 30 March and is buried in St. They farmed on the Heller estates and Mr. Whales Wales Clemons by David L. The Clemons and Colliers produced a great family union and a great family history in Sandy Point Lee County , Texas and the family is still growing. He was born 8 February in Frenstat, Moravia. They had nine children: In June , Anton Jr. The oldest child, Minnie, was twenty-seven years old with a family of her own, when her youngest sister, Ella was born. Chanie Collier was 97 years old when she passed away on January 31, John and Anna had five children: Two large oak trees still stand in inside the fenced cemetery where the church once stood. Griffin was born December 24, in Georgia, and based on the Census he was a farmer and his wife kept house. Angela, Filomena, Wilhemina and Otillia. At that time, men were the only people that could belong to the lodge. The church that was built on this land was named St. Wormly Father and Mother were born in Virginia. Gerhard passed away at age eighty on September 18, There is one large pine tree growing near where the church was, outside back fence of cemetery is large grove of pine trees. Their 8 children were all born in Frenstat, Moravia. Sanford Griffin and his wife Anna, children, and grandchildren were living near Elijah and Henrietta. Edward Collins was the last child born to Richard and Mandy Clemons.

Anna millers pies

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  1. The Scharnberg brothers were from Bernitt, the same village in Prussia where Joachim Soellick had lived.

  2. Gerhard is said to have hauled flour as a teamster for the Confederacy and also made trips to Mexico to hawk supplies. Both Peregrin and Filomena were baptized in their local Catholic churches, which are still attended by members of the Fiser and Vacek families.

  3. He served in the German army before emigrating through Hamburg with his brother Anton in I do not know where she is buried either.

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