Craigslist albuq nm

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Use additional sheets of paper as you require, and include photos or other images of the actual items if you can: Liability for totally checking out the item and reporting all revealed significant defects and deficiencies to us lies solely and totally with you. Furthermore, cutting a seal to commit fraud in some states is a serious crime, which means we can complain to all of the law enforcement of the Buyer's jurisdiction and to the Online auction service, PayPal, etc.

Craigslist albuq nm

Again, many auctions close for less than expected value so regardless of how high you make your Maximum Amount you often won't pay a penny more for the item then if you had a low Maximum Amount while greatly improving your chances of getting the item if it closes on the high side. But people are ripped-off in stores also and driving to and from stores is also risky. Residents always enjoy working with our dedicated team. Buys and Sells do entail some luck, and especially for unique and rare items, prices can swing wildly over even a few days of time. If you need extra storage space the manager can recommend nearby options. We do and unless our Client instructs us otherwise, we avoid those kinds of auctions. We are savvy to these kinds of attacks. Corporate membership to the Defined Fitness gym is available. If you do not include "as is" in your auction description, and you have not described any known significant functional or cosmetic defects or deficiencies above, then you are responsible for providing an item that is both fully functional and with no substantial cosmetic damages or blemishes other than ordinary wear and tear. There are all kinds of traps out there just waiting for the newbie Online Buyer to fall into. If you permit us to do a Buy It Now, it is totally at mutual agreement between us and with no liability to us. While specializing primarily in computer, electronic, electrical, mechanical, scientific, industrial, commercial, and high-tech manufacturing equipment, accessories, parts and supplies, we can also estimate values for other items but sometimes less reliably. Consider, that all you need to find is one person selling on eBay who is selling the item you want at a price you are willing to bid for it auctions usually close at lower prices. Solely at our discretion and at no liability to us, we may separate items into smaller lots if we believe that the smaller lots will bring a significantly greater overall net profit to both you and us, and that we may combine items if we believe that the combined item will bring a greater overall net profit than the sums of the original items. Or do you own or manage a store and would like to see your items sell faster? A lot may consist of more than one Item e. Please do NOT provide or ship the item to us unless and until we ask for it in writing, and if and when we do, observe our package policies described below: If you require a minimum Bidder auction favorable rating number or percent i. Certain restrictions, limitations and provisions must apply. We must have your Sell Items continuously on our site during the entire auction period for the Items to make absolutely certain that if the Items Sell, and we can ship them immediately upon being paid for them. This can result in multiple and sequential and even simultaneous Online sales. We try to please our clients to get repeat business from them and their friends and relatives, even so, a modest start gives our clients the breathing space to decide whether or not they want to continue to do business with us without risking expensive items. Items must be provided to us in basically clean condition, in an external box or bag even if in its original box or package , packed reasonably well to prevent damage, and with all power adapters, cords, cables, modules, manuals, attachments, accessories, software, cartridges, and original packaging you can find for it. We deploy several effective methods to minimize these types of frauds, one such method being: You are likely to be pleasantly surprised at getting the item for less - often much less - than you had expected! It's simple, here is how you, the potential Buyer, Buys Online through us if you have any questions or concerns about our Buyer program, please email them to us wizguru consumertronics. Also, if your item does not Sell through us, we are under no obligation to buy your item or otherwise pay you for it.

Craigslist albuq nm

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  1. Items must be provided to us in basically clean condition, in an external box or bag even if in its original box or package , packed reasonably well to prevent damage, and with all power adapters, cords, cables, modules, manuals, attachments, accessories, software, cartridges, and original packaging you can find for it. Any maintenance and enhancements we will likely do will be minor if the item is not an expensive item - we will either not accept a generally dirty item or will accept it and attempt to Sell it in the provided condition solely at our discretion and of no liability to us.

  2. We are the ones who contract with the Buyer - it is critical that we have the Items on-hand - because if for any reason we don't have the Items on hand when the Buyer has paid for them and requires them, we are technically liable for breach of contract. If you are in the Albuquerque, NM, area i.

  3. Especially when it is done by us because we pride ourselves in not only selling the bacon but also selling the sizzle!

  4. Note that any such additional advertisement and promotion will carry the proviso that while the auction for the item is occurring, the item can only be purchased through the auction.

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