Emma watson and harry potter sex

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Harry showed her the inscription on the top of the box and she did not know either. Harry followed closely behind her and could smell blueberries emanating off her. Harry drove it home again and Emma arched the small of her back. When he found it was dry Harry took his tongue and erected her nipple.

Emma watson and harry potter sex

A skinny, small breasted, light-tanned 20 year old but never the less. Harry pulled his wand out of his back, put the thought of him and Ginny in the bathroom into his head, and said aloud, "Expecto Patronum" and a silver stag erupted from the end of his wand and did a couple laps around the room and disappeared. Harry then looked around the classroom and it looked about as half-full as usual. Even that did not seem to work until Emma grabbed his wrist and told him to ball up his fist. Harry followed closely behind her and could smell blueberries emanating off her. Harry continued to pound away into her for what seemed like hours. Emma then pushed all the items off her desk and hoped up. Harry took off for his D. She stopped in front of Harry and bent over. Half an hour later left her office, headed down to lunch, and sat next to Ginny. Harry pulled his robe back down and sat back into the chair as his teacher got up and threw her robe on. Now I know some of you are heading off to auror training. Harry looked up and saw Dumbledore's portrait staring down at him. Ron followed her to help her look in books. It was in a language Harry did not understand. Harry was just shocked in that he had no idea that that could even happen. Harry then pulled and pushed his hand inside of as if it were a cock. He then took it in between his teeth and bit down hard enough to get a moan. Even the teacher looked impressed. She then let the robes fall to the ground. They spent the rest of the afternoon in classes. Watson "This year we shall be getting you ready for the outside as best as possible. Two of the seven Dumbledore's Army left in school. There was just one both left and he was from Slytherin. Harry then picked up speed and started pushing harder into her.

Emma watson and harry potter sex

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Harry Potter Deleted Scene (sex in a wagon)

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  1. Considering there was only five other people to be taught they each took a partner. He got a pleasant moan from his teacher and pulled back.

  2. Harry then grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down onto his pelvis. Harry nodded to Ron and told him that he would meet up with him at lunch.

  3. Now This will be your toughest year yet. A class so I could prepare people for Voldemort," most people gasped at this and dropped quills "when we had a horrible teacher.

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