Intelligence episode

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Mike is very musically inclined and he is involved in Vancouver's music scene. Bob Tremblay Darcie Laurie: Ted Altman Matt Frewer: Mike is unable to break from the cycle of addiction that he is trapped in.

Intelligence episode

Mike would die for his brother. Jim owns several legitimate businesses, including a trucking company, shipping company and lumber mill. However, the trait that he lacks is perhaps the most important: His goal, along with Jim's is to turn the Reardon family enterprises and Jimmy himself, legitimate within five years. Michael Reardon Bernie Coulson: Leader of the Vietnamese crew, Phan is no stranger to Jim and Ronnie. He aspires to make his own way in Vancouver's underworld, completely separate from his brother, but don't mistake his aspirations for disloyalty to Jim. Stella Reardon Sophie Hough: An alcoholic, Ted spends much of his day drinking. Rene Desjardins Michael Eklund: John Hogarty is Jim's banker, and as such, he is in control of most of Jim's money and holdings. A born womanizer, Ronnie has been married and divorced at least once; he is now with Sweet, the alpha stripper at the Chick a Dee, and the mother of his unborn child. He is willing to use extreme violence and intimidation to get his way. Bob Tremblay Darcie Laurie: Jim pays him for the information in cash and season tickets to hockey games. His nephew was gunned down by the Vietnamese and he has been responsible for the murders of several of Reardon's allies. The series ends with the newly arrived American competition starting a war which concludes with the shooting of Reardon in front of his club. DEA Agent Williams, re-arranges the evidence in the diner to make it appear as if Jim is a cop killer. He also has a hot-headed and violent personality, which makes him unsuitable for the family business. There is a lot of bad blood between the Vietnamese and the Disciples. Despite this, Mary is fiercely charming and very witty, qualities which she uses to win over informants and superiors alike. The teenage daughter of Jimmy and Francine. Phil is the Reardon family lawyer. Spalding must constantly watch herself against the conniving Assistant Director Altman who is after her position, and the old school CSIS Regional Director Deakins, for whose job she is the leading candidate. Jimmy's younger brother, Mike has many qualities that are required to be a successful criminal. They do business together and always help each other out when needed. Highly ambitious and equally ruthless, Ted will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means breaking the law.

Intelligence episode

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What Is Intelligence? - Infinite Intelligence Explained

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  1. Rene usually has to be prodded to reveal the information that he knows. Jim attempts to surrender to the Americans, only to end up causing a shoot out.

  2. Reardon represents the 3rd generation of his west coast crime family that began with his prohibition era bootlegging grandfather.

  3. She is also incredibly brilliant and driven. A born womanizer, Ronnie has been married and divorced at least once; he is now with Sweet, the alpha stripper at the Chick a Dee, and the mother of his unborn child.

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