Mos 98g

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Opened file located in a designated folder. Locates file in designated folder. Safeguard classified information and material in open storage area. Some task summaries also include safety statements and notes.

Mos 98g

Identify nature of transmission path. Determined obstacles to line of sight between transmitter and receiver antenna. Readily identify the following icons: Identify major boundary lines. This column lists the recommended duty position for which soldiers should be cross trained. Identify significant population or government centers. Correctly identified artillery unit icon. This column lists the task numbers for all tasks included in the subject area. Check the document for required markings: Locate and read the declassification and downgrading instructions, which appear on a classified document. Correctly identified SPA unit icon. Large valleys or marshalling areas. Figure contains a list of training locations and their corresponding brevity codes. Correctly identified the indicator for a brigade. During this time, the Army was investigating you for a clearance, Top Secret. Soldiers holding MOS 98G should be issued or have access to this publication. Determine local meteorological conditions. Correctly identified mechanized infantry unit icon. It was 18 months of intense schooling and you are in a very elite, brainy bunch of people. Therefore, the MOS training plan should be used as a guide for conducting unit training and not a rigid standard. Unclassified portion markings are U. List the security classification levels. Information, which if disclosed to unauthorized persons, could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to the national security. Identify frequency band of MHz as HF communications consisting of a. Distribution authorized to U.

Mos 98g

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  1. Ensure that all seven types of components are portrayed on map being used for the task. Classification markings must be conspicuous.

  2. Identified environmental and atmospheric factors that affected radio wave transmissions and determined the effect of these factors on intercepted communications.

  3. This column identifies the training location where the task is first trained to soldier training publication standards.

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