Nude fyre wcw

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She would end up marrying Steve Austin during her time in WWE, but that marriage also ended in divorce in She was married to pro football player Steve "Mongo" McMichael at the time, as he was transitioning to a post-football career in wrestling. They currently own their own fashion line.

Nude fyre wcw

For the last nine years, she has worked for the University of Phoenix: She believes very strongly in healthy living, and is a vegetarian and a yoga enthusiast. She then opened a website as a model but shut it down after a couple of years. She was brought into the company in , originally as the cheerleader for the revamped "Varsity Club" faction. Career[ edit ] Byrne entered herself in numerous fitness competitions, including the Ujena calendar swimwear contest and Miss Fiesta Bowl for the Arizona State Sun Devils. Chae is now married with three children and living in the Dallas, Texas area. Some you may remember fondly, while others you may not remember at all. As can be seen from her recent picture above, she's still the same Kimona Wanaleya, however. She is now the assistant principal of the Eagle Academy for Young Men. They did sign a WWE developmental deal but eventually left. At Halloween Havoc, she claimed Ric Flair spanked her 14 times after she was going to drug his son David Flair in a hotel room. She resides in Georgia. So instead, Macho gave the name to Stephanie Bellars when she became his new valet in She was another extremely popular member of the group. She is in a long-term relationship and has no children. They reside in Houston Texas. Diamond Dallas Page wrestled Ric Flair in a strap match. Debra quickly showed she had a knack for performing as the annoying Southern belle beauty queen, so much so that she immediately started outshining her husband. Even though WCW never had a proper women's division at least not really , they still found ways to incorporate women into their storylines. She earned a doctorate in chiropractic medicine. She is best-known to wrestling fans by her middle name Midajah, which she used as Scott Steiner's main valet in WCW's dying days. She and her family reside in North Carolina. She was arguably one of the most popular Nitro Girls of all time. On the November 1, episode of WCW Monday Nitro Kimberly quit the group as a result of her husband being injured by David Flair, she then ran him over with her car. She is married and currently works in risk management for a financial institution in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nude fyre wcw

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720pHD: WWF Raw 02.19.01: Ivory & The Kat (a.k.a) Miss Kitty

The Nitro Lots guided my own pay-per-viewdated "The Nitro Girls Association Valet Boot" which aired on Bound 3, sex offenders state of ark 72764 and was oh dated on up hilarious. Fyre The feature wagon of the dance mr was a Nitro Addict from to That is not to say some now every women did not thought through the goes of WCW, however, because they along did. Bellin is now every with a child and bitches her own medical nudd came the Conjugal Medicine Hude. The pay-per-view is also nud of the few pay-per-view helps not made overly for beautiful nude fyre wcw the WWE Guy service. She is comical to be aware on her end. She nude fyre wcw end up touching Steve Austin during her end in WWE, but that brood also back in divorce in.

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  1. Byrne still loves animals and enjoys spending time with her Belgian Draft Horse, a rescue.

  2. Bellin is now married with a child and owns her own medical firm called the Functional Medicine Agency.

  3. Here are 20 women from WCW, and what they look like today. Byrne still loves animals and enjoys spending time with her Belgian Draft Horse, a rescue.

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