Pacific rim by kana ann arbor mi

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My wife had a white fish - Japanese Sablefish that was excellent. Wickedly bad happy hour! It was incredibly fishy. We thought an hour HH was too short, but it wound up to be Too Long.

Pacific rim by kana ann arbor mi

We were sat at a TINY two top. The unagi was also extremely well cooked and flavored. It was incredibly fishy. I've been here times so far, and I don't regret it; felt like I got my money's worth every time. It turned out to be one of the most satisfying dining experiences we've had in downtown Ann Arbor in a long time. I'd highly recommend both entrees along with the warm chocolate cake with cherries and a scoop of you know what. The server made a few suggestions and got our appetizer and drink order going. And then I realized that the calamari itself was as delicate and tasty as any I had ever had. Sat outside on a warm summer evening. Typically at some craft bar or pub where they throw some thick cut slab bacon of awful quality and poor preparation atop your poutine. Unfortunately, that wasn't happening. I rated the restaurant a 2-star because the employees and servers were very nice. It may have been torched for two seconds but there was no sear on the outside just a micrometer of grey along the edge. If I've ever had anything else here, I don't remember it because thinking about the tuna makes my mouth water It seems like they picked and chose their favorite parts of various Asian countries and lumped them together to create an overall "Asian" fusion restaurant. Pacific Rim is one of the nicer restaurants in Ann Arbor that is open on Sunday nights, which is honestly, one of the main reasons that I go there. I ordered the sable fish which was delicious. I've had the Monsoon Plate, which is essentially a sampler of a few different appetizers. What they do have is an excellent beer and wine list. No one at the table enjoyed their meal. The calamari was nice and crispy, and the dipping sauce went well with it. Hands down the highlight of the night. Flavors and presentation are unique. We were surprised and impressed when one of the chefs stopped by our table to say hi before the place got busy.. Don't let the Wasabi-crusted throw you off - either they forgot it or it it wasn't noticeable. The sweet chili sauce that came with the calamari was too sweet and not enough of anything else to be really satisfying. The sablefish is truly phenomenal -- That is, if you are lucky enough to score a serving!

Pacific rim by kana ann arbor mi

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  1. It was as if they designed the drink menu based on ingredients they wanted to get rid of, stuff that was unsellable otherwise. I was definitely disappointed with everything.

  2. Next was Hot and sour thai soup - spicy with an excellent cilantro broth that left my lips feeling sunburned but craving more of that excellently balanced flavor.

  3. I will have to remember that the tables are small, the bathrooms are single and check the beer list for new and different sours. It let me decide if I wanted to sample the sauce and maintained the beautiful savory batter and crunch that they have going on.

  4. We tried the spring rolls, zucchini-scallion crepes, lettuce wraps and calamari. Service was attentive without being intrusive.

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