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We impact over 400 families every month!!
As deployed Marines and Sailors returned home from overseas and re-connected with loved ones, there was a period of adjustment. Not long thereafter we learned that there are 160 babies born every month aboard Camp Pendleton. These new and growing families need larger apartments and houses and here was a great need for providing basic household goods such as beds, couches, mattresses, linnens, dishware, and so on.
As club members, sought donors and contributors to help with this, they were assisted by a retired Marine -  Major General Will Sinlik and his wife Pearl.  Together these two angels who understood the needs only too well. They asked the management of their Retirement facility at La Costa Glen to put out the word to residents. From that small begining over 10 yeas ago, the club now has a Moving van that picks up lightly-used furniture and housewares 5 days a week from locations within a 100 mile radius of Camp Pendleton.
Donors call from places as far away as Los Angleles and El Cajon to offer furniture houseware, There are even calls from Oregon and Washington offering household goods and financial assitance.  Club members manage scheduling of the pick-ups five days a week. The Marine Corps provides a temporary holding facility for the donations - affectionately called the Rotary Warrior Warehiouse.
The warehouse is open on Fridays from 8.30am to12.30pm. Young families lineup before the doors open. They can choose whatever they need at no cost. Most days, the Warehouse is nearly empty by 12.30 pm.
It is easy to get choked-up hearing stories of how much these things mean to a young family. Sometimes they are childrens books and toys. Other times it is a comfortable recliner or a desk. Members of these families often return to help unload the trucks or volunteer their time to pick up donations. Many volunteers return week after week to help these fine young families.