Tanning salons in griffin ga

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Functional studies are needed to determine the relevance of the genes, SNPs and haplotypes identified to melanoma risk among individuals who participate in indoor tanning. Altogether, cases and controls Later, we confirmed haplotypes that were statistically significant using Haploview, version 4.

Tanning salons in griffin ga

Finally, our data did not meet the correction criteria for multiple comparisons Bonferroni, permutation, and FDR. These findings are interesting and warrant further validation in other cohorts to determine whether they represent involvement of a novel gene in melanoma. Selection of SNPs The a priori hypothesis of this study was that genetic variants in the DNA repair pathways would interact synergistically with tanning bed exposure to modify risk of melanoma. As melanoma incidence rates continue to rise, particularly among younger individuals who tend to use tanning devices more frequently Hornung et al. Second, in some cases we were unable to analyze complete haplotype blocks in genomic regions where tagging SNPs were closer than 60 base pairs due to limitations in the genotyping platform. Persons without melanoma controls frequency matched 1: Interaction between individual SNPs or haplotypes and indoor tanning Multiplicative interactions were assessed using multiple logistic regression including the product terms of indoor tanning status and individual SNPs or inferred haplotype probabilities. Altogether, cases and controls Our analysis involved these variants in a haplotype block which encompasses predictive power of multiple SNPs, potentially including predictive power of other SNPs that are in linkage disequilibrium with those included in the haplotype. Seven additional subjects who were missing phenotypic indices were also excluded. Significant interactions on the multiplicative scale were also assessed on the additive scale Rothman The p-values for the interactions on the multiplicative scale for all the genotyped SNPs and haplotype blocks were calculated through likelihood ratio tests comparing the full model, including the interaction term, to the reduced model without the interaction term. Remember to never sacrifice the health of your skin! We treated age as a continuous variable in the adjustments, as this adjustment would remove any bias induced by the 5-year age group matching, as well as remove any residual confounding within each of the initial 5-year age groups Rothman et al. Our findings identify an interaction between indoor tanning exposure and genetic variants in nucleotide excision repair genes in the etiology of melanoma. This study was approved by the institutional review board and state cancer registry. Using a regression framework relating inferred individual haplotype probabilities to the melanoma outcome, the HTR method effectively took into account the haplotype phase uncertainty and reduced bias Zaykin et al. Safe sun exposure should be practiced and tanning beds avoided at all costs! Later, we confirmed haplotypes that were statistically significant using Haploview, version 4. This ensured coverage for genes involved in DNA repair regardless of their reported frequency. Second, using Haploview 4. Stratified analyses were conducted to investigate the modification of the ORs for SNPs and haplotypes by indoor tanning. Exposure measurement Demographic, phenotypic and exposure information were assessed by self-administered and telephone-administered questionnaire. After quality control, the study sample consisted of eligible individuals who had both genotype and phenotype data; this included cases and controls We first determined the haplotype blocks for gene regions of interest using the Haploview software algorithm created by the Broad Institute Barrett et al.

Tanning salons in griffin ga

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  1. While the harmful effects of tanning beds were long suspected, a study earlier this year confirmed the link between tanning beds and skin cancer.

  2. The ORs were adjusted for age, gender and phenotypic index in the single SNP, haplotype and interaction analyses.

  3. Persons without melanoma controls frequency matched 1: It should be pointed out that our findings confirmed other reports in the literature and highlight the need for additional studies.

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