The essentials of communication

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A fantastic example of how humor engaged an audience but failed to elicit the desired response is from Jeffrey Robinson's superb book 'The Manipulators'. Other factors you should consider are things like the tone of your voice, your hand gestures, and ensuring eye contact. Equally, a powerful close that bears no resemblance to the main body of the communication would just confuse and disappoint an audience brought up to expect something more. The message to be communicated should be adequate and complete in all respects since incomplete information turns out to be dangerous from the viewpoint of business.

The essentials of communication

By choosing to reprimand employees in a one-on-one meeting as opposed to in front of the group, you'll show respect for your employees by saving them from potential embarrassment. When key decisions involve input from several members of your organization, the more clear, concise information all parties have, the more quickly you can make the final decision. Moreover, it is also necessary that information should be given in time as out-of-date information is as bad as or worse than none at all. It is highly necessary that the actions of the communicator should support his communication. For example, if you are consistent in the messages you deliver to your employees, you will build credibility as they will see you are somebody who delivers reliable information. Photo Credits business colleagues preparing for business meeting image by Vladimir Melnik from Fotolia. Communication is also important when dealing with the marketplace in areas such as customer service and marketing. It is only by honest attempts that good communication relations can be developed. The psychological reality is that unless a person is interested in the subject of the message they are highly unlikely to pay any attention. Factors to consider when choosing the type of communication include which method will deliver the greatest accuracy, be most easily understood and incur the lowest costs regarding time and money. Proper attention should be given to the timing and timeliness of the communication. One of the most important aspects of effective communication is being a good listener. It needs to be relevant to its recipients, and it should contain a powerful opening and closing to make it memorable. Be Confident Confidence underpins all effective communication. After having decided the subject matter it should be determined as to how best this message is to be communicated. In case of face to face communication, it is easier to get feedback information observing the emotions and expressions on the face of the receiver. Always listen to feedback and act positively on it. Remember to always be listening to the other person and looking out for those nonverbal clues. Simply addressing another person using their name, will make them feel appreciated. Making eye contact, using a firm but friendly tone never aggressive , are all ways you can exude confidence. You can do this by, for example, providing them with an easily-remembered and written link to a webpage where a greater depth of information can be stored. Give and Receive Feedback Giving and receiving appropriate feedback is an essential communication skill, particularly for those of us whose roles include managing other people. The kiss of death in advertising is when you make the mistake of falling in love with your own words. One of America's great comedic writers, Stan Freburg, was convinced to dabble in advertising. And don't think that humor will save you. For example, if your message affects all members of the company in the same way, such as if you've decided to give every employee a 10 percent pay raise, it would be more effective and cost-efficient to deliver this message to the group instead of individually.

The essentials of communication

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  1. Screen-after-screen of lengthy text, in a small barely legible font size because a small font size is the only way to fit all of the words onto the slide , which the manager duly and dully reads verbatim. Function Effective business communication is an important aspect of your business' success.

  2. Remember to always be listening to the other person and looking out for those nonverbal clues. Adopt an open stance position, with relaxed legs and open arms.

  3. By choosing to reprimand employees in a one-on-one meeting as opposed to in front of the group, you'll show respect for your employees by saving them from potential embarrassment.

  4. Benefits Mastering the elements of effective communication benefits the operation of your organization. For example, whilst the opening line, "Free Sex is available in the foyer" would no doubt get your audience's attention, if the theme of your communication thereafter is about some process re-engineering going on in your department, your audience would be annoyed some would be very annoyed at your duplicity.

  5. The punch line is a lot funnier if we aren't expecting it Tell the story to make a business point.

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