Top reasons to love someone

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You always laugh at my jokes, even when they are not funny at all. How you always give me surprises. You learned to say I love you in 10 different languages just for me.

Top reasons to love someone

You watch girly shows with me and I play video games with you. No matter how others see me, you make me feel special. You are always on their mind and in their thoughts. To make the list was really easy. Moreover, having someone to go home to every day makes you feel special. How you keep little mementos of everything we have done. There is always someone to think about, someone to talk to, someone to do things with, and even someone to have to conflict with. I love your passion for your hobbies and interests. So I decided to share my list with people outside our relationship. You put up with my moodiness and all other imperfections. Someone is waiting for you, and that is pretty amazing and worthy of your love! You promise to build a treehouse with me so that I have a cozy and quiet place to be whenever I want to. They could have picked someone else or even picked themselves over you. Both our favorite baseball teams are the Yankees. I love how your voice sounds when you whisper in my ear. There are many different ways we can address our partners, and those names are not something we hear from anyone else, which is endearing and a huge reason to appreciate and love each other. The way you challenge me and give me honest life lessons on how I could be a better person. They are not giving up on having a happy relationship with you. After a huge fight, you would always be the first one to call and negotiate ways to make things better for us. You learned to say I love you in 10 different languages just for me. You wrote me two beautiful pieces. You are an important part of their life and they think about you often, do things to make you feel good, interact with you, and make you feel important. Even though we are different, you never try to change me. Also, they know that you are important in their life so they do and say things that make you feel special. Your sense of humor always light up my day. You have the most wonderful eyes. I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together.

Top reasons to love someone

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Reasons Why I Love You box😍😍

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  1. How vivid you explain your dreams to me every morning. Their laugh is a sign of internal happiness and joy, and it should be something that helps bring you back to the moment and appreciate the person in front of you, especially when you are the person making them feel so great!

  2. How you are able to find beauty in small things and show me how to appreciate it. Sends chills down my spine.

  3. When I first met you I looked into your heart. When you kissed me for the first time, it was at the right moment at the right place.

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